To know better torties and calicos ...

  • Please feel free to send us the nicest pictures of your torties or calico cats ( ), we will be more than happy to publish them in our photo galleries. Of course we love all cats but this site is exclusively dedicated to torties and calicos.
  • We have a new tortie at home! Please meet Mado, a 6/8 months cutie we rescued thanks to our cat protection association. Some recent pics in the gallery.

  • 2 and a half years later, during our vacation in Provence in July 2008, Mado decided to take a walk in the countryside around the house. She never came back. We have her constantly in our hearts and minds...

  • A new baby has come to us. She is so adorable that it helps heal the pain of Mado's absence. Click here to meet SIMONE

  • Since May 2011, GABY is part of the family. An adorable caliby (tricolor with tabby patterns), Come and see her pictures here.

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Tortie galore !  Meet our torties and their friends...
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